Search for Corrie to continue into another week

The search at the landfill site at Milton in Cambridgeshire will continue as officers work to trace missing Corrie McKeague.

Specialist officers from Suffolk and Norfolk police have been searching the area of the landfill site which was identified as holding waste from the Bury St Edmunds area in the relevant time period.

The work is constantly being reviewed and, as the search team are still finding items from the right time frame that are identifiable as coming from the town, the search will continue on a week by week basis.

Throughout the search officers have been working to understand exactly where waste was deposited and how it may have been spread out during the process.

This week police will be bulk-moving further material to allow the work to continue. This is being done to ensure all parts of the relevant area are covered following further detailed and specific work completed around the GPS positioning of the vehicle which brought the waste to the site.

This has led to an expansion of the original search parameters as work continues to locate anything that may help the investigation into Corrie’s disappearance.

Around 4,430 tonnes of waste have been searched through to date.

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