Employers offer interviews to creative university students

An end of year show for students on a Graphic and Communication Design degree attracted a number of potential employers who are already interviewing University of Suffolk graduates for jobs.

Students on the BA (Hons) Graphic and Communication Design course at the University of Suffolk at West Suffolk College displayed their final year’s work in a show that attracted employers, family, friends and members of the public.

This year’s graduates put on a show that demonstrated how versatile they are as multi-skilled and commercially aware designers and, as a result, it led to many invitations for interviews and offers of internships.

The work by 19 graduates includes:

  • An innovative publication called Manifesto 17 on human rights issues, which was inspired by the growing refugee crisis worldwide, women’s rights and the fight against terrorism.
  • Advertising campaigns to raise awareness of animal cruelty as well as Drive and Driver integrated campaign to enforce new laws and regulations around speeding
  • Concept art for a sci-fi action-adventure film called Ordinance
  • Packaging for a cocktail mix liquor and a novelty microbrewery
  • Branding concepts for a range of sports clubs, urban clothing, restaurants and street food vendors
  • An illustrated book supporting the world of the World Wildlife Fund.

Course leader Sian Horn explained that the well-established degree is a “Very vocationally orientated course. Our graduates have a strong reputation of building careers in a range of occupations within the design sector. Many enterprising students go on to work for agencies in the creative industries in East Anglia and London.”

Graduate David Ware said: “My tutors have helped me to push myself and opened my eyes to what I can do within the creative industry”; Stuart Mitchell commented: “Studying at the University of Suffolk has developed me as a Graphic Designer and helped me unlock new skills”. Seraphina Morley said: “University has been a wonderful experience that has enabled me to explore my creativity, experience challenges and overcome them.”

Three students were awarded prizes for their work. Cameron Brown, 22, from Lawshall, was awarded the Industry Prize for his enterprise and business acumen. Cameron said the course gave him a chance to experience the industry; he is now freelancing and doing a lot of photography at numerous festivals over the summer.

Stuart Mitchell, 21, from Bury St Edmunds, was awarded a prize for his hard work and dedication, which included branding the design show, the catalogue, invites and website www.vision2017.co.uk. Stuart said the course had pushed his creativity and developed him both personally and professionally. He plans to go to London for a job or placement.

Laura Kaewmala, 37, from Bury St Edmunds was awarded a prize for her high level of academic achievement. Laura said the small classes were a bonus as you learned more skills faster. Laura has another year to complete her degree.

The show proved so popular that it will remain open to the public and potential employers on the ground floor of the Leonardo’s at West Suffolk College building throughout the summer.

Places are available on the University of Suffolk course, people can find out more at the Open Event  at West Suffolk College on Saturday, July 1.

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