A swashbuckling tale of duty, deceit and derring-do at the Theatre Royal


The Prisoner of Zenda is being staged at the Theatre Royal, later this year.

The story beings on the eve of the coronation of the new king of Ruritania, crown-prince Rudolf disappears leaving the throne clear for his scheming half-brother, Michael.

Coincidentally, Rudolf Rassendyll, an English adventurer who by chance bears an uncanny resemblance to the missing king, is visiting Ruritania at the same time.

Rassendyll is persuaded to play the part of the king.

All too soon he finds himself involved in high adventure. His quest: to save the kingdom, outwit Michael and rescue the Prisoner of Zenda, unwittingly winning the hand of the feisty Princess Flavia on the way…

It is a swashbuckling tale of duty, deceit and derring-do from the team which brought you The 39 Steps and is at the theatre from Wednesday to Saturday, September 6 to 9.


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