The Small Faces musical comes to the Theatre Royal

All Or Nothing, which features the music of The Small Faces, is coming to the stage of the Theatre Royal later this year.

In 1964, a new phenomenon exploded onto the dingy British streets.

It was the essence of all that was cool. It was Mod. Mods stuck two fingers up at the class-ridden society and its dull redundant culture. They were working-class free spirits who rode sexy streamlined Italian Vespas or Lambrettas.

The sharpest Mod of all was known as a ‘FACE’.

The Small Faces encapsulated all that is Mod, a unique blend of taste and testosterone, neat, clothes obsessed and street-wise. But these cult sophisticates shared another passion, their dedication to Rhythm ‘n’ Blues. This quintessentially British ‘Mod’ Musical celebrates the unique sound of the iconic ‘60s Mod band, The Small Faces.

Featuring the music of The Small Faces, including an arsenal of brilliant hits like Whatcha Gonna Do About It, Lazy Sunday, Tin Soldier, Sha La La La Lee, Itchycoo Park and of course All Or Nothing.

And it is at the theatre between Thursday and Saturday, September 21 and 23. 

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