Former Noah and the Whale front-man to appear at the Apex, in Bury St Edmunds

Former Noah and the Whale front-man, songwriter Charlie Fink brings his new production ‘Cover My Tracks’ to The Apex, in Bury St Edmunds, on September 24.

This night of live music and theatre gives the audience the exclusive chance to see Charlie Fink perform songs from his new solo album of the same title, his first since Noah and the Whale.

The album has been compared to the sound of Noah and the Whale’s 2011 album ‘The First Days Of Spring’ and has shades of Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen in its wry lyrical storytelling.

Fink said: “The album is quite a redundant format right now. We’re in a time when every song ever written is in our pocket. You don’t play one album on repeat for months anymore, which is a shame. I was thinking about how to make an album worthwhile, given the way people currently listen to songs, and one idea was a story. For me, that’s a way to make an album feel relevant now – you need to listen to all the songs to understand the whole thing.

“Then expanding on that, I was thinking – what’s the ultimate way to tell a story, and it’s in a theatre. [It’s interesting] because if you’re making a film you’re showing people a world, whereas in a theatre you’re inviting the audience to create the world in their head. They’re just looking at two people on stage, one of them has a guitar, but they’re being asked to create these images of this story.”

Fink teamed up with multi-award winning playwright David Greig and director Max Webster for his unique production, which came about due to Charlie and David’s shared love of folk music and storytelling. It premiered at London’s The Old Vic in June, before heading off to this year’s Latitude Festival and a national autumn tour.

The show at The Apex is a mix of a live gig and a modern folk tale and stars Fink and Rona Morison.

It tells the tale of an idealistic young songwriter attempting to write a 21st century pop masterpiece, who suddenly vanishes without a trace.
As the lead singer-songwriter for the band Noah and the Whale, Charlie Fink sold over a million albums and headlined at notable venues around the world, including a sold-out show at the Royal Albert Hall. He was the producer of Laura Marling’s Mercury Prize nominated album Alas, I Cannot Swim and has written and produced music for artists including Charlotte Gainsbourg, Foxes, Rhodes and Eliot Sumner.

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