CCTV images prompt a response in Corrie McKeague investigation

Police investigating the disappearance of Corrie McKeague can confirm that four of the individuals released to the media in CCTV images yesterday have now been identified.

It comes after one of the males came forward last night and identified himself following the appeal to the media. He has also given names of the three friends he was with on the night and whose images were also issued.

From speaking with this male police understand there was a brief interaction ending on friendly terms with Corrie and as there was no further contact after this they are not considered to be significant to the investigation as was stated yesterday. The group of four knew Corrie and joked with him before they went their separate ways. Police will speak to the three other males in due course.

Police are also able to confirm that the male and female have come forward and identified themselves. The two people will also be spoken to in due course.

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