Nando’s staff help raise £400 for the My WiSH charity

Staff, supporters and friends of those who work at the Nando’s Restaurant, in Bury St Edmunds, have helped to raise just over £400 for the town’s My WiSH charity, which supports the West Suffolk Hospital.

Fourteen of them made the trip to take part and support the team in the Chinese Dragon Boat Race, held at Downham Market Water Festival, last month.

The team included Chris Moulan, a former employee at Nando’s in Bury; John Lewis, a serviceman with the United States Air Force; Laura Thornton, from the Peterborough branch of Nando’s; and Bury Nando’s staff, Chris Stone, manager, Drew Long, Lewis James, Lee Frost, Ashras Hasan, Daisey Dodewes, Jessika Bloomfield and her partner Callum Williams, and Ryan Murray, with Chloe Nelson, a cashier at the Bury branch, and her sister Elisha Nelson, both supporting.

They took part in three races at the event eventually coming to terms with their boat and the conditions by the time they finished racing.

“It was great fun, the day went really well and everyone enjoyed it,” said Chloe, who lives in Codling Road, Bury, and also has a fundraising role at the restaurant.

“We have never done anything like this before but our manager asked us if we could get a team together for the event in aid of charity and we hope to do it again next year.

“We used a Just Giving page and put it up on Facebook and also raised some money from a 20p on the lemon where customers pay to have a go to balance a coin on a lemon floating in a cup in water.”

The restaurant have made My WiSH their charity for the year and hope to raise further money for the organization.

Pictured above are the Nando’s team and supporters who took part in the Chinese Dragon Boat Race at Downham Market Water Festival.

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