Theatregoers thrilled with the story of the Small Faces


All or Nothing, the Small Faces musical sensation, stopped off at the Theatre Royal, in Bury St Edmunds, and on Saturday, the third night of the show, rocked to the music of the 60s.

The show told the story of the rise and fall of The Small Faces and particularly the life of the enigmatic yet troubled lead singer and guitarist Steve Marriott.

It was funny, sad and uplifting taking the audience back to fabled 60’s with superb musical and vocal performance by the cast.

The theatre was packed and finished with a “real old 60’s sing song” and a marvelous and deserved standing ovation.

The show opened to critical acclaim and nightly standing ovations at the Vaults Theatre, in London, in March 2016, before heading out on the first of two UK tours.

In 1964, a new phenomenon exploded onto the dingy British streets. It was the essence of all that was cool. It was Mod. Mods stuck two fingers up at the class-ridden society and its dull redundant culture. They were working-class free spirits who rode sexy streamlined Italian Vespas or Lambrettas.

Written and directed by the award-winning actress Carol Harrison, All or Nothing told the electrifying yet bittersweet tale of Kenney Jones, Ian McLagan, Ronnie Lane and Steve Marriott; four charismatic young kids from East London with humour, attitude, passion and above all talent. They became the Small Faces and were rocketed into the big time, only to discover the path to fantastic success is paved with exploitation, betrayal and ultimately tragedy.

It featured an arsenal of brilliant hits like Whatcha Gonna Do About It, Lazy Sunday, Tin Soldier, Sha La La La Lee, Itchycoo Park and of course All Or Nothing.

A great night out at the Theatre Royal.

Ian Duncan

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