Website design business in Bury St Edmunds gives their support to the My WiSH Every Heart Matters appeal

A niche website design business which also specialises in programming, print and design is supporting the My WiSH Every Heart Matters appeal.

Top Dog Digital, based in Eastgate Street, in Bury St Edmunds, has created and printed brochures to help promote the campaign which is aiming to raise £500,000.

The business is owned and operated by James Orlopp, who heads up sales development, and designers Len Guerrier and Kevin Cornish.

They have produced 300 of the brochures which are now being circulated in and around the town to help spread the word of the appeal which aims to help fund building a brand new cardiac centre at the West Suffolk Hospital, in Bury St Edmunds.

The West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust is investing £5.2m in developing a state of the art cardiac suite that will provide quicker access to more treatments, but the £500,000 My WiSH is hoping to raise will lead to the whole unit, which is currently fragmented on different floors, being brought together in one purpose-built centre.

James said: “We are keen to help out local charities as much as possible and My WiSH approached us to help with the brochure and we were only too willing to help out.”

It features a giant red-framed heart on the front of the brochure with a patient being treated by a nurse and the words “Help us make Every Heart Matter”.

The company has produced a variety of work for businesses including Palace House in Newmarket, Woolpit Health Centre, Ashlar House, Kids Play Childcare, CMC Construction, Henderson Food Machinery and Petlife.

Kevin said: “We took a brief from My WiSH and the colour was prescribed. We looked at using the heart and making a strong look for the brochure and we also looked for something that was clean and easy to like and we quite liked the shape of the heart and that’s where our crucial approach came in.”

Sally Daniels, campaign manager for My WiSH added: “We are so grateful for the help given to us by Top Dog Digital who have worked so hard to produce the brochures which we are now handing out to supporters and possible donors to the appeal.”

Pictured above with the brochures printed by Top Dog Digital are, left to right, James Orlopp; Len Guerrier, Sally Daniels, campaign manager for My WiSH; and Kevin Cornish.

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