Students at the West Suffolk College complete 24 sports in 24 hours to raise money for charity

It was a fantastic effort by sports students at West Suffolk College who completed 24 sports in 24 hours to raise money for the Gee Wizz charity.

They started and ended at Abbeycroft Leisure Centre and spent overnight taking part in sports inside the college.

The students and leaders took part in diverse sports from water polo to Wii bowling. Changing sport every hour they did Zumba at midnight and rounders at 3am but finished with Frisbee.

Harry Robbins, 17, from Newmarket, said afterwards: “It’s been very tiring but worth it.  It was hard to stay awake at 2am and 3 am when we played dodge ball and rounders.”

Course director Chris Steele said: “Everyone survived. I am very impressed with the whole group completing such a challenge, they have done really well.”

The students hope their sponsor money will bring in up to £2,000.

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