First priorities following Bury St Edmunds Town Centre Masterplan adoption are announced

The first two priorities to be delivered, following the adoption of the Bury St Edmunds Town Centre Masterplan, have been announced.

St Edmundsbury Borough Council formally adopted a final version of the masterplan on Tuesday night.

The masterplan sets the vision for how the town will adapt to accommodate growth and many of the individual projects such as enhancing The Cornhill/ Buttermarket for pedestrians, will be subject to research and further consultation.

But two of the projects both relating to St Andrews Street have been announced as a priority with St Edmundsbury looking to progress them in the New Year.

Councillor Alaric Pugh said: “While much of the masterplan is about attracting and influencing investment and shaping what others do, there are actions that are both pressing and within our power.

“We have known for a while that the town centre is going to need more car parking. Our car parks are very popular which reflects the success of the town – and that success must be allowed to continue.

“The masterplan – a process shaped by the people for the people – identified St Andrews Street North as the preferred site for a new car park. At the same time we heard concern from bus passengers who thought that we would no longer be catering for their needs. Realistically, we will now be looking at a scheme that caters for both the car driver and the bus passenger. It is no secret that we also envisage this being a more attractive and vibrant area for all.

“Equally St Andrews Street South between Risbygate Street and Woolhall Street currently divides the Arc from The Cornhill and Buttermarket.

“Our strategic purchase of the former Post Office building can act as a catalyst for change in this area. A new shop front onto St Andrews Street South for instance will open the eyes of other landowners and investors and encourage real improvements to the area, while I anticipate that we will be able to deliver visual improvements to Market Thoroughfare, which is just one of the walkways between the arc and the traditional town centre.

“Obviously this is just the start and there will be more work and more consultation as we move forward on delivering these key elements of the Bury St Edmunds town centre masterplan.”

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