Power Cuts Across Suffolk – Latest Update

At one stage this morning with Storm Georgina causing chaos across Eastern England there were nearly 18000 homes in Suffolk without power and 23000 plus in Norfolk.  Waking up in Elmswell this morning with no power and a number of branches down and fence panels loosened the reality of no electricity started to hit home. Firstly how we all take it for granted, secondly how rare it is for us,  no lights, no first cup of tea, no heating, no TV  and now, we are in the modern world, the worst and most shocking problem ……NO BROADBAND. Using my Mobile phone I moved to Data Roaming mode I was able to access Sky News and found this most informative website http://ukpower.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/fault-map? Which gave me an indication of the scope of  Storm Georgina across the region and gave us an indication as to when the power was to be restored in our part of Elmswell it was back on by 9.15 am. The main part of Thurston didn’t appear to be effected, Great Barton still without power as at this moment. While a woman in Stowmarket was reported to say “Storm , what Storm?”

Meanwhile, Clare Norgate, who lives in Elmswell, reported on local website portal Next Door: “Power back on in School Road. We’ve got six fence panels down. Hauled them back in to garden off the footpath and just done a massive sweep of path and road clearing up all the twigs and leaves!”

And at 12.15pm Jean Bowen said, “Power back in Drinkstone Green,went off and on a couple of times,very annoying as I had to keep re-setting the clocks!! All fine now!!”




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