Campaign launched in Red Lodge for new war memorial

A campaign has been launched to provide a new war memorial in Red Lodge ready for to mark the centenary of the end of World War One in November this year.

The campaign follows requests by residents in the area to see a more appropriate War Memorial for Red Lodge than is currently in the village.

A group, made up of representatives of Forest Heath District, Red Lodge Parish Council as well as the local school and church, are leading the fundraising.

The group has already found funding from grants up to £17,000 but they need a further £1,000 to meet the full cost. So they have set up an online fundraising page to raise £1,000 from local residents towards the cost of the project.

The website is

Councillor Lance Stanbury, who represents Red Lodge at Forest Heath District Council, and is chairman of the War Memorial Committee, said, “While the village does have a memorial at the Millennium Centre, it is small and, rightly, our local community wants a more appropriate one to properly mark the sacrifice made by local people in all conflicts since World War I.

“This is a collective community project and we want to see the memorial installed ready to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War One on 11th November 2018. Whilst Red Lodge is a new community, current and future generations want to show their respect and remember the fallen at a fitting memorial and I hope that, through local support, we can achieve that aim. We have set up an online fundraising page to make it easier for people donate. No matter how big or small the amount it will help us honour those who, for our tomorrow they gave their today.”

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