Blokes from the Oakes help to raise £2,000 to purchase vital piece of equipment for the West Suffolk Hospital


Men’s Oakes, the male fundraisers at the Oakes Barn, in Bury St Edmunds, have helped to boost the coffers of the My WiSH charity to the tune of £2,000.

It’s come from a month-long campaign at the pub in St Andrews Street South with a series of events including quizzes, musical evenings, games afternoons in a bid to raise the profile of mens’ health.

Heather Warren, the owner of Oakes Barn said they chose the charity, which supports the West Suffolk Hospital, to highlight issues surrounding prostate and testicular cancer with a patient urinary flow metre being purchased, which calculates the urine flow rate.

Changes in the urine flow rate can be indicative of kidney, prostate or other renal disorders and the machine helps in detecting these changes.

“We decided to do it for mens’ health and the onus was on the men to help get the message across that they need to look after themselves,” said Heather.

“It was a huge community input with everyone getting together to help raise the money from everybody who comes into the pub.”

Pictured above are Oakes Barn staff Cam Brown, left, and Laura Rowe, with members and supporters of “Blokes from the Oakes”.

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