Consultation begins on inspector’s proposals for Forest Heath Local Plan

Consultation is beginning on the Local Plan Inspectors’ proposed main modifications to the draft Forest Heath Local Plan.

It follows agreement by Forest Heath Council, meeting on February 21, on a preferred approach to preparation of main modifications to the Single Issue Review (SIR) and Site Allocation Local Plan (SALP).

The preferred option results in the greatest change in balance with 39% in towns and 35% in key service centres. (The remainder of growth would come from allocations in the Primary Villages and Windfall development). This will be achieved by allocating 450 more homes in Newmarket (a primary school and 5ha of employment), 165 fewer in Lakenheath and 50 fewer in Red Lodge.

Consultation on the proposed main modifications runs from 9am Wednesday, April 25, to 5pm Friday, June 8.  The modifications can be seen and commented on via the council’s public consultation website at

Additional supporting evidence submitted to the Inspectors, and to support the proposed modifications, is available on the council’s website at Whilst this evidence is not a formal part of this consultation, it is available for public comment.

The dates for further hearings sessions, to be held at the council offices in Mildenhall, have been agreed with the Inspectors for Monday 25 June, Tuesday 26 June (Single Issue Review) and Wednesday 27June 2018 (Site Allocations Local Plan – with a reserve day of Thursday 28 June).

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