Delay in approving plans for a petrol station and two drive through restaurants on A14 near Elmswell and Woolpit

There is set to be a delay with planners passing a project for a petrol station and two drive through restaurants on land off the A14 at Elmswell.

The plans were initially submitted last year and comments about the scheme needed to be made to Mid Suffolk District Council by this Monday, May 14.

Now that the deadline has been passed the highways authority needs to have an input into the plans owing to the transport issues surrounding the site, said councillor Sarah Mansel, the Green Party member who represents the Elmswell and Norton Ward.

She is also understood to believe that it will not go before the planning committee of the council before July.

Since news of the deadline was announced there has been a host of people writing to the council to complain about the scheme.

It includes Ann Edmondson, who lives in Rags Lane, Woolpit.

She said: “There is a successful and popular garage at the entrance to the village which offers both petrol and repairs. Loss of trade could mean its demise and loss of one of the village amenities.

“The present access roads from and to the A14 and Elmswell and the roundabout already require increased vigilance and care when driving due to their acute bends etc.

“Increased traffic will add to this problem and could well lead to traffic queues especially at peak driving periods.”

Peter and Deirdre Hudson, from Woolpit, said: “Notwithstanding that the slip road off the A14 is already of an insufficient standard to cope with additional traffic created by the proposal, it must be realised that a considerable amount of traffic will arise through accessing current and future housing proposals surrounding Woolpit which would add greatly to the problem impacting negatively on their planning viability and ultimate acceptance.

“This proposal cannot therefore be considered in isolation.
It is possible that the slip road could be overwhelmed with clear ramifications.

“The existence of the proposed facilities is likely to attract and bring about additional traffic through Woolpit and Heath Road creating unacceptable environmental conditions, particularly if available during extended opening hours.”

Mr and Mrs D and A Hollings, of Hawk End Lane, Elmswell, said: “This development will increase the traffic flow and congestion on an already busy junction seemingly vehicles will have to circumnavigate the adjacent roundabout twice to enter and leave the site, our village will be affected by an increase in litter/ noise/ light and air pollution and traffic.

“Our village is already being bombarded with housing developments and turning it from a peaceful place to live into a small town without the infrastructure it needs and this development for purely commercial gain by a multi national company will just add to the demise of our once peaceful and quiet home.

“Just consider would you like it at the edge of your village?”

And Mr R Pearson and Val Mayhew, of Mill Lane, Woolpit, added: “The extra litter which this facility would generate would be an eyesore to the local community, detrimental to wildlife and encourage vermin. The proposed exit lane onto the A14 exit slip and roundabout are not suitable for the likely increase in traffic volume.

“There is already petrol provision, takeaway food and a convenience store at nearby Costcutters (and also at Tothill services and at Bury St Edmunds.)

Both Elmswell Parish Council and Woolpit Parish Council have also objected to the project.



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