Stories from inspirational poet Benjamin Zephaniah captivates audience at The Apex

Benjamin Zephaniah, The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, Wednesday, May 23

His stories and his poems ranged from being nice to turkeys at Christmas to one of his schools resembling Dracula’s castle and from the death of undocumented migrant Joy Gardner to the power of the media.

He was unable to read and write at school but became one of Britain’s most remarkable poets and his aura and personality captivated his sold out audience.

It was a mixture of poetry and stories of his school life to being stopped and searched by police while driving across London in a white BMW car.

He spoke of how the Windrush Generation had been happening for years before its most recent publicity and his passion at being a vegan.

At the end of his near two-hour appearance the man, who described himself as “just a bloke from Birmingham living in Spalding writing poems” he allowed members of the audience to fire questions at him.

But he wasn’t finished for he spent time in the foyer of The Apex to sign copies of his book The Life and Rhymes of Benjamin Zephaniah to the delight of his endearing fans.

Russell Cook

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