Review: Seven actresses portray 26 different characters in fast moving comedy ‘Whisky Galore’ at the Theatre Royal

Seven unique actresses portraying 26 different characters in a fast moving comedy amid the flow of the amber “water of life”.

As the islanders of Great and Little Todday show their dismay after finding their whisky supply dwindling they are given a sliver of hope with the news of a nearby shipwreck.

And low and behold the cargo is non other than 50,000 bottles of the golden liquid.

For the residents it’s welcome relief but conflict is guaranteed when Paul Waggett of the Home Guard, who bemoans his falling attendance and regards the community as falling into complete morale collapse, takes it upon himself to try to reinforce discipline and prevent the thirsty islanders from taking advantage of their apparent good fortune.

And at the same time two weddings are being planned: one hinges on timid George Campbell finally finding the courage to stand up to his disapproving mother; the other involves an English sergeant’s love for the daughter of a leading whisky filcher.

It’s a fun filled, redoubtable show with the actresses quick fire changes from one character to the other with particular fine performances from Shuna Snow, who portrays Sgt Fred Odd, Major Quiblick, Annag, Capt Headley and Faversham, along with Sally Armstrong as Monty, The Biffer, Father Macalister and Constable Macrae.

Whisky Galore continues at the Theatre Royal, until Saturday.

Russell Cook

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