First National Careers Strategy Partnership event held at the West Suffolk College


The first Careers Strategy Partnerships event held at West Suffolk College attracted staff from 27 schools across the region and was hailed as a great success.

The event was designed to develop local solutions for the new national careers strategy which aims  to break down barriers, help everyone  build a rewarding career and give students the best careers advice.

The college partnered with the Careers and Enterprise Company and the Enterprise Advisor Network for a series of five different sessions for those attending from education and businesses across the region.

Angela Smith, executive director Learner Partnerships at West Suffolk College said: “The event attracted fantastic feedback from the schools who were helped with developing solutions for the national careers strategy.It shows we can all work together to deliver meaningful and outstanding employer connections, work experience, advice and guidance.”


Pictured above, left to right, are Angela Smith, executive director Learner Partnerships; Jacqui Phipps New Anglia Enterprise Advisor Network; Penny Wilby Best of Sudbury; Lisa Roberts LEP head of strategy.





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