New nutrition service on offer in Bury St Edmunds

An evidence-based nutrition service has arrived in Bury St Edmunds.

Oliver Whiteman, an accredited performance and lifestyle nutritionist, has teamed up with Bury Physio Clinic to offer tailored nutrition support.

Oliver completed a masters in Sport & Exercise Nutrition, then spent a year working as a physiologist at Nuffield Health, where he developed a thorough understanding of human behaviour.

He says: “Everybody thinks you need to be so much willpower to make lifestyle changes. The reality is that you only need to willpower until it becomes habit.

“My philosophy is that most of us know what we should and shouldn’t be eating. But many factors make it difficult to control our eating habits. An over-availability of palatable foods means we often mistake environmental cues for hunger. The perfect example of this is holidays, BBQs and Christmas. We simply eat because we can.”

Small changes to your lifestyle can promote the development of healthy eating habits.

The new service at Bury Physio will educate individuals on the correct science of nutrition, taking care to highlight the misinformation that is rife in the media.

“You will then be empowered to making your own healthy decisions day to day,” says Oliver. “I will also help you to become aware of your habits and how to modify them to take control of your health. If you can control your habits, you can control your life.”

Contact Bury Physio on, telephone 01284 748200 or drop in to the clinic in Maynewater Lane, Bury St Edmunds for more information and advice.

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