Heart-warming story of young evacuee’s link up with ageing ‘country boy

It’s a heart-warming and at times heart-rending performance by this wonderful cast admiringly led by the indomitable Roy Hudd.

The beautiful story of a young evacuee who is sent from his home in London to the country as the conflict of the Second World War beckons is lovingly portrayed.

Abused at home by his mentally deranged mother young William Beech, delightfully played by Jasmine Briggs, is thrust into the home of ageing Tom Oakley (Hudd) and his four-legged friend Sammy the dog, played by puppeteer Julia Cave.

Having lived alone for 40 years after his wife and young baby son died during childbirth he reluctantly takes under his wing the 10-year-old and as the youngster begins to soften Tom’s seemingly hardened exterior, an unspoken and unbreakable bond is formed between the pair.

The play is skillfully directed by the theatre’s own Karen Simpson who has assembled a star studded cast of professional actors alongside Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds Summer School’s up and coming actors and actresses.

There’s some stand out performances throughout the play with William Ennew as Zach and Sarah-Louise Young as Mrs Beech and Mrs Fletcher grabbing the headlines – along with the fantastic Sammy the dog.

It runs until Saturday, September 8.

Russell Cook

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