Greene King launches brewery website with virtual brewery tour

Greene King has launched a new brewery website with the central feature a 3D virtual tour of its historic Westgate brewery in Bury St Edmunds.

The brewer, whose heritage dates back to 1799, offers visitors to its website a fully interactive tour experience allowing them to walk through the brewery from the comfort of their own home. 

The tour takes viewers into the entrance of the 1930s art deco brewery with its elegant pale marble floor and walls and impressive giant copper mash tuns. Arrows on the screen allow visitors to navigate around the brewery stopping at hotspots of information along the tour. The 3D experience enables viewers to explore all six floors of the gravity fed brewery from the rooftop views housing the water tanks to the hop store, running mills, malt screens and hoppers.

 The website also features information on Greene King beer, the history of the brewer, latest news and links to the brewery shop.

Speaking about the new website Matt Starbuck, managing director said:  “The 3D virtual tour is a fantastic tool as it really captures the essence of the brewery. We brew ½ million pints of beer a day at the brewery which is highly reliant on the skill of our team and a traditional understanding how we develop recipes that create complex flavours and delicious beers. Our brewers today use some of the same equipment their fathers and grandfathers used before them and it is these aspects of our brewing process combined with some state of the art brewing equipment we have which shows how we have embraced both the old and new.

“We love to show visitors around the brewery as we know it’s absolutely unique, but of course not everyone can visit Bury St Edmunds. This way, viewers can get a taste of our brewery tour experience without stepping foot out of their home.”

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