Former professional motorcyclist and truck racer Steve Parrish to appear at the Theatre Royal next month


The Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds presents an opportunity to enjoy the life and times of Steve Parrish (Stavros) in a show providing a completely different, colourful, humorous and, at times daring portrayal of the career of the former professional motorcycle and truck racer, on Sunday, October 21.

He rode Barry Sheene’s bike to qualify for the world championships on his behalf, filled various sports personalities’ rooms with live frogs and jumped hire cars from second floor car parks in Daytona Beach.

He’s been visited by Beadle’s About and locked up in Hong Kong jail for blowing up a brothel, now join Steve as he delivers an evening of true life fun stories, who knows, you may even get some ideas.

Joining Steve and leading the proceedings will be his daughter Frankie, who has had to live with her father’s antics and the embarrassments that they bring.

Stephen J. “Stavros” Parrish is a British former professional motorcycle and truck racer, who is now a motorsport television commentator and speaker/entertainer.

A renowned practical joker, his stories are legendary. He is still banned from Macau after blowing up a brothel and he once posed as a medical doctor to allow John Hopkins to fly from Japan to the Australian GP.

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