Muntons help the Stowmarket Community Centre

The old Muntons and Fison room in the Stowmarket Community Centre has been brought up to date and has been renamed the Muntons room.

Along with the updating of the room name and room sign, Muntons, the Stowmarket based malt and malted ingredient manufacturer, have also made a donation to contribute towards improvements to the room for disabled users of the facility.

Stowmarket community centre was originally a primary school and was acquired by Stowmarket Town Council in 1982. The centre, affectionately known as ‘Hillside’, is located in the Combs Ford area of the town and is used by approximately 85,000 people each year. It has one large hall and several smaller rooms.

Community Centre manager Heather Tooke said: “I’ve been here 10 years and have seen the centre go from being an underused facility to one that is much loved and frequently used. I have immense pride for all that goes on here.”

Melissa Abbott from Muntons commented: “One of the rooms in the centre had always been known as the Munton and Fison room, a name which is quite out of date, so we decided to provide the centre with a shiny new ‘Muntons’ sign for the door and a donation of £100 towards new accessibility equipment for the room. Although no one could remember exactly when or why the room was given its name, they do know that originally Munton and Fison paid for carpeting and some wall pictures.”

The room has since been refurbished to include a kitchen area and Muntons donation will go towards equipment to make the tables more accessible for wheelchair users.

Approximately 50 groups, clubs and commercial organisations use the centre each year and the Muntons room is particularly favoured by Sign language course providers, the Pop Chorus choir, AXIS – the support group for older people including those with disabilities, the Camera club and local music bands who need practise space.

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