Suffolk Village Info says, “Is it time to ban private purchase of fireworks and allowing only licensed/regulated public events on November 5, Hallowe’en, New Year’s Day  and pre-registered dates … or are we becoming Snow Flakes”?

 The majority of public opinion is, we are told, that if you have fireworks only on the specified dates that it allows pet owners the opportunity of protecting their animals. 

 Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, a relatively short period after the end of the Second World War, I guess people had been used to the horrors of bangs and flashes but even in those days as far as I can remember we only had fireworks on Bonfire Night, November 5, and never ever on a Sundays.

 People were able to check their bonfires for hedgehogs well in advance and we were told to keep our pets indoors. Now like some of the comments below from a social media site people set off fireworks throughout the year without any prior warning for any number of reasons. 

 This particular problem arises initially around Hallowe’en and Guy Fawkes Night but it is a problem all year round and the only way to stop it is to raise its profile in the right places. 

 Should we be protecting the animals? YES

Should we care about other people? YES

Should we just raise the issue in November? NO

Can we do anything about it?  ……..we could try couldn’t we? Or are we just killjoys?

What do you think?

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Some of the comments below from social media:

Gill – Thurston

Fireworks in Thurston

Hope the folk over the back of me are enjoying their five minutes of explosives. I’ve one dog absolutely traumatised. The damage to wildlife and pets is NOT worth IT.

 Sharon – Beyton

I totally agree with you and it’s not even November the 5th yet. They should not sell fireworks until November 5th only then it will give all pet owners a chance to keep their pets indoors as my cats are out at the moment, so i worry. Or best thing dont sell them at all.

Gill – Thurston

Agree. If it was only allowed on certain dates as you say you can plan. But for weeks you’re on tenterhooks waiting for the next explosion.

Lyn – Drinkstone·

I can’t believe sale of fireworks to the general public hasn’t been outlawed by now. There are dozens of official (and better planned and resourced I’m sure) firework displays around. I’m hoping to go to the Rattlesden one.

Gill Thurston·

Ideally I’d like to see a ban. Wild mammals abort with fright. And I’ve had a horse impaled on a fence bolting. Hibernating animals are disturbed. Plus service personnel with pets are in bits at the noise. It really needs regulating. It seems any excuse now to let the damn things off.


  1. I think there should be some regulation and not a total ban, there should be a process that everyone follows when they intend to let off there own fire works and out of courtesy give neighbours notice of the intension to let off fireworks, giving enough time to make there own preparations for pets and wildlife checks, if done respectfully and carefully with no immediate dangers identified I don’t see why there should be a total ban!

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