Reigniting the rural economy is the brave vision of Skyline

It’s a bold plan to reignite the rural economy and is a simple and uncomplicated 4G broadband system to ensure businesses stay fully operational in this digital world we live in.

There’s also the addition of full security being moulded into a potential deal that could and would provide 24-hour-a-day monitoring.

That’s what’s being offered by Skyline Broadband and Security Solutions.

Its rural development director Simon Von Der Lys De Wolf is the man behind the drive and he is keen to answer three key questions to potential customers: What does it do? Why do I need it? How much does it cost?

He said: “Rural businesses are falling behind and they do not have the systems or the ability to push their brand out further afield. Bad connectivity is hitting many companies in rural locations and the systems that we have can change their businesses and put them on a positive footing.

“We are seeing more businesses wishing to relocate offices to more rural locations to take advantage of the better pricing per square metre and parking facilities for staff, but on many occasions cannot do so due to broadband speed and quality issues.

“We can come out and advise them on what’s best for them and say this is what we can offer you and can be bespoke for each individual business.”

Operating from its site in Haverhill it offers the installation of 4G high quality broadband, guaranteed instant Internet access along with a remote CCTV system that you can control through a specially developed app. Operating across much of East Anglia, the Midlands, Yorkshire and north London, Skyline offers super-fast broadband connectivity from a receiver strategically placed on top of a building. It doesn’t require fibre landline connections.

Installed within a day it comes complete with a quality security system with a razor sharp, super high resolution and lighting network, which can all be controlled via an app.

The operator can see who is on the land and through a speaker system can alert intruders that they are being closely watched and monitored.

A secondary “dedicated WISP system” is also available for larger business, business parks and multi business sites.

It can offer from 20mbps up to 1000gbps. This is a specialist service that will require surveys as it’s all dependent on the line of sight from Skyline’s current infrastructure.

“We will be announcing something very exciting with this product very soon, watch this space,” said Mr Von Der Lys De Wolf. “We are a company that looked into the problems with rural businesses and the fact that the Internet is so important to them. I don’t know of businesses now where the Internet isn’t relevant in some way, shape or form whether it’s promotional, marketing or selling.

“They are all struggling – even Eastern Europe has better Internet than us.

“BT infrastructure is limited due to many factors including following the road plans, special licences and you’ll come across tree roots, existing gas, water, electricity; you’ll come across dead bodies galore in west Suffolk and they will be full of Anglo Saxon and a few Roman graves as well.

“It will take forever to get to the location and they will charge businesses up to £80,000 to do so, where as our system does not need that infrastructure.

“We’ve got a very clever router box with multi aerials, it’s 4G, future proof for 5G, and we use SIM cards and you will receive unlimited data.”

His company has been running for 15 years and has full building and security accreditations and businesses can run live security systems through the network.

“We run a camera and monitoring system and we can put it on an app through a mobile phone and it reacts on shapes. We also have a voice system,” he added.

“One of the beauties of it is if you see someone on your site or a vehicle that you know should not be there you can ring in via your mobile and tell an intruder to get off your land. But without the Internet it will not work. So we offer a full security perimeter system, internal broadband recording systems, and visual and sound deterrents,” said Mr Von Der Lys De Wolf, who employs a staff of between 15 and 20 people.

For full details of prices and installation contact Skyline on 0800 304 7544 or email enquiries

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