Ladies Who Truck give a boost to the Arthrose appeal

From little acorns spring big oaks is the saying and from a throwaway comment between friends about always wanting to have a go in a lorry the spark began to gather momentum.

Tory Lugsden and Sophie Jackson had always fancied driving a lorry and admired the skills of those who do and together decided to put it out to their friends about whether it would be a fun thing to try and organise as a “bucket list” tick.

Within 24 hours of the initial mention on Facebook 30-plus ladies had jumped up and down in excitement saying “yes please, yes please, let us do it!”

And so it began.

Through numerous friends and families and years of contacts built working in agriculture and related industries, the “Ladies Who Truck” event became reality.

The date was set, five artic lorries, two rigid lorries, an 18-tonne digger, a crawler and a beautiful vintage and noisy modern tractor were found.

The t-shirts were designed and printed and on a misty murky morning the 30 excited ladies who’d never, in the main, driven anything bigger than a car descended on Stanton Airfield.

Depending on their experience the girls were set into groups to gather their experiences across all elements of playing with big toys.

So many smiling faces, all overwhelmed with the size of the machinery and the reality of being able to actually have a go on something that is so unusual.  All of those involved have commented on it being the biggest smile maker they’d done so high praise indeed.

The ladies passed on their thanks to the support from Lee Maddox, Oliver Arnold at Quinto, Jonathan Maskery at DHL, David Filby and his family, the Rackham family for use of the airfield, Ben Holmes of Holmes Plant for their loan of the machinery and for providing the people to help them make this happen.

The Ladies Who Truck had the most incredible day and well and truly ticked their bucket list.

Not only did everyone have a great day, they also raised £2,000 for the My WiSH Charity’s Arthrose Appeal, which enhances the orthopaedic care at West Suffolk Hospital.

Sue Smith, head of fundraising, said: “These ladies are incredible, what a different and fun event. We can’t thank them enough for their support, the money really will make a difference. We can’t wait to hear where the Ladies Who Truck will go next.”

Pictured above, left to right, are Ben Lord, Arthrose supporter, Sarah Tween, Sophie Jackson, Jules Brinkley, Amy Bryant and Tory Lugsden.

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