Bin day changes letter in the post

Households across West Suffolk will be receiving a letter next week giving details of what changes in blue and black bin collection day mean for them when new collections begin from November 11.

Peter Stevens, Cabinet member for Operations at West Suffolk Council said: “We ask residents to open, read and retain their letters, so they can refer to them as the new bin cycle settles down. It is the same two week alternate collection pattern of blue bin one week and black bin the next; but some households will go from a blue bin to a blue bin, and others may go from a black bin to a black bin. Garden waste customers’ brown bin collection day does not change.”

Residents have been alerted to the changes with a yellow tag on their black bin.

Councillor Stevens added: “The tag is relevant to all households, because even if the day and cycle won’t change, the time we arrive at a property will, and we ask everyone to have their bins out by 6.30am on collection day. The letter provides full details of everything we are doing to help make the transition as seamless as possible. We know from experience that not every letter gets opened, but the tag will have raised awareness and given the web address so people still have a way of checking what it means for them.”

Many households in the Lakenheath and Mildenhall areas will be moving from a blue bin to blue bin collection.

Councillor Stevens said: “So we don’t go three weeks without a black bin collection, we are asking these households to leave their black bins out alongside their blue bin on the first new day. We’ll empty it as quickly as we can that week. Other households may be going from a black to a black collection. Any of these finding it difficult to manage the clean dry recyclable waste in their blue bins can request a recycling sack. You can do this online, where there are frequently asked questions and further information.”

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