Shedding the pounds prompts slimmer to set up her own group

Losing three stone has prompted a slimmer from Bury St Edmunds to start up her own group to help others shed the pounds towards a healthy lifestyle.

Meghan Court has transformed her life since joining Slimming World after struggling with her weight since childhood.

As a young woman, aged 23, she felt ashamed and upset and going out with friends was her ultimate nightmare.

She said: “I couldn’t wear the outfits I wanted, my joints hurt, I was slowly slipping into depression through self hate, I soon felt isolated and alone, trapped in my own skin, with my confidence hitting an all time low, and I felt there was no way out.”

Meghan joined Slimming World and she explained: ‘”I felt terrified the first night and it took me so much courage to walk through the doors, but I couldn’t believe how warm and friendly the group was and how welcome I felt the moment I walked in.

“My lovely consultant explained everything to me on night one and I couldn’t believe how easy the plan was to follow and all the food I could eat. I found that it fitted into my every day life and was stunned to learn in group I could enjoy all my favourites and could still have a cheeky gin or two when out with friends.

“I simply learnt a new way to eat, an easy way to eat – it simply took a few small changes and tweaks to what I was already doing.

“I have loved every minute of my journey with Slimming World and how it has changed my life, that when I was given the opportunity to become a consultant I leapt at it – If I can help just one person find themselves and shred the burden of guilt that carrying excess weight causes, than I will do all I can.”

She is now running a group at Fornham Village every Monday at 5.30pm and 7.30pm.

For more information on the group call her on 07932 707899.

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