West Suffolk Council apprentices in #OurDay takeover

This year West Suffolk Council apprentices are taking over a national social media marathon celebrating #OurDay

The council is currently working with 19 apprentices, many of whom have made videos introducing the services they work in.

From housing to bin collections, open spaces to car parks, leisure centres and community hubs, the council provides hundreds of valued services, which will be brought to life on the social media marathon on Tuesday, November 19.

They will be among thousands nationwide to participate online using the hashtag #OurDay, to give residents an insight into the hundreds of jobs councils do every day, from collecting rubbish and fixing roads, to taking care of vulnerable people.

By the end of last year’s #OurDay over 10,000 Twitter accounts had participated, and the hashtag trended at number one on Twitter for most of the day.

#OurDay has been organised by the Local Government Association (LGA), which represents councils in England and Wales. The LGA is encouraging as many councillors and local authority staff as possible to take a couple of minutes out of their day to tell the world what they are up to as part of a 24-hour live social media marathon, from 00.01 on Tuesday, by using the hashtag #OurDay.

Ian Gallin, chief executive of West Suffolk Council, said “Every year, we join councils across the UK for the Local Government Association #OurDay event. It gives us a chance to show and highlight our services as well as the outcomes we deliver every day for our communities and businesses. We are really pleased to employ apprentices as they are the future of local government. As a former apprentice myself, I am delighted that our current crop of apprentices are taking over and helping, not only deliver services, but #OurDay as well.”

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