Iconic folk musicians delight a near full house at The Apex

Iconic folk musician Peter Knight along with folk aficionados Phil Henry and Hannah Martin (who are the acclaimed multi-instrumental duo Edgelarks), plus percussionist Sacha Trocher, guitarist Roger Flack and Bellowhead co-founder and melodeon player John Spiers combined to produced a dazzling display of their unique talents at The Apex, last night (Wednesday, November 28).

It was a high class performance by the combined talents of the six of them now all part of the Gigspanner Big Band which is currently touring the country.

They had arrived at the near sold out venue in Bury St Edmunds much to the delight of the growing folk following in and around the town with the gig being promoted by the Milkmaid Club and The Apex.

And they did not disappoint with all of them getting a turn in the spotlight with their unique and individual renditions of some old and many new arrangements.

This was folk in the non-traditionalist style with an array of foot-stomping and melodic tunes which had their adoring fans giving them a stand-up ovation.

Beginning life as a trio – with fiddle player and former Steeleye Span member Knight being joined by percussionist Trochet and Flack – the line-up has been expanded to form the Gigspanner Big Band with Henry, Martin and Spiers joining the fray.

Knight told the tale of a successful acquaintance of his who told him he always had the best people around him and that’s how he described the partnership with the five musicians.

The bringing together of the six influential musicians, all with their own unique identity, produced an electrifying force with their ground-breaking arrangements and beautiful music.

The close knit harmonies worked a treat along with the magical fiddle playing of Knight and the impressive slide guitar showing of Henry. There was also wonderful guitar solos from Flack along with Spiers’ unique melodeon passages.

Trochet, on hand percussion, has added that beat drive to the band as he produced his chemistry to the concert.

Their music is very much self-penned material with it rooted in the British Isles and beyond, and with the flick of a bow, a finely chosen chord or slip of a beat, they produced a selection of richly atmospheric arrangements for yet another great concert at the venue.

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