Fears quashed over possible withdrawal of cashpoint in Elmswell

Fears that a “crucial” cashpoint at the East of England Co-op Foodstore, in Elmswell, is set to be withdrawn have been quashed.

Villagers had said that there were threats that it was going to be taken out following claims that it had been raided.

But a spokewoman for the Co-op said: “We have not had any reports of an incident at the store and we do not have any plans to take the ATM away.”

The cashpoint at the store in Ashfield Road is vital for villages to obtain money and people had voiced their concerns via the social media site Nextdoor.

Tamara Hunt said: “This is a crucial resource for the community.” And she called for a petition against the move while others were calling for the parish council to step in to save it.

Robert Ward, who lives in Woolpit, said: “I use this machine often, it would be a real shame to lose it.”

Josie Bowles, from Elmswell, said: “(It) would be very annoying to lose it, is there even another in the village?”

And Vanessa Stevens, also from Elmswell, added: “This an important resource that we cannot lose.”

Suzanne Tonnar, from Hessett, advised people to use the Post Office to withdraw cash saying: “Did you know though that you can withdraw cash at the Post Office, in Thurston, as I found out a while ago. Basically as long as the shop is open you can withdraw cash. Worthwhile knowing if they don’t replace the cashpoint.”

Sylvia Worth, from Badwell Ash, said: “The little shop in Badwell Ash also has an inside cash machine (no charge) as well as being able to withdraw cash when the Post Office in there is also open which is most days apart from a Wednesday afternoon. But aside from that a cash machine at the Elmswell Co-op is vital.”

And Alison Duncan, from Elmswell, said: “We need to keep this it is an asset for the villagers.”

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