Woman’s Christmas gift to herself … losing an amazing 7 stone 8lbs

A Stowmarket mother who suffered from chronic back trouble and pain has celebrated a special Christmas by shedding an amazing 7 stone 8lbs and has told how she has a more active lifestyle thanks to her weight loss.

Kim Turner said she hurt her back which made it difficult for her to perform everyday tasks.

The 45-year-old said: “One day whilst off sick I was eating a massive bar of chocolate and realised that this was probably why I had such a terrible back and my weight was the major reason. My physical health was poor with no energy and my mental health was my biggest issue. I was constantly in pain in my joints and I felt so ashamed of myself.”

So she signed up to Slimming World in June this year and has never looked back dropping from 18 stone 3lb to 10 stone 9lbs in just six months.

Kim goes to the Saturday group at Hillside Community Centre, in Stowmarket, and added that her biggest challenge was planning her shopping to fit in with her weight loss routine.

“I have always struggled with my weight and I wanted to get this right. Access to menus and wanting to cook when I work full time was always a challenge, so making the change by planning and shopping ahead was my biggest challenge along with changing my menus. I am now exercising five days a week, doing a variety of classes, I can consistently challenge myself, whereas before I could barely manage 4,000 steps a day.

“Now I feel amazing … my confidence has soared.”

Pictured above is Kim Turner before and after her amazing weight loss.


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