Friends combine to help lose a total of over 8 stone

Two friends who admitted to being “sluggish” and “out of breath” have combined to lose a total of over 8 stone and are now set to take up running.

Vanessa Myatt and Tracey Morris, who are both in their 40s and live in Bury St Edmunds, decided to join their Slimming World Group at the town’s Southgage Community Centre.

And since October 2018 Vanessa has shed 2 stone while Tracey has lost 6 stone 7lbs which they both put down to attending the classes.

Tracey said that her friend mentioned that she was going to join and thought she would go along to support Vanessa.

“I was always out of breath climbing the stairs – even at work.  I can run up them now with no problem. My fitness levels have changed so much and I even took part in a 5K run this summer.  My walking speed has also quickened considerably. I have tried many different diet programmes over the years, including Slimming World, but this time it seems different.  With support from my consultant, as well as the group, many of which have now become friends, I can see this being a way of life,” she added.

And Vanessa said: “Over the years I have been very good at losing weight, and even better at putting it back on again.  After the summer of 2018 I felt really sluggish and miserable and finally plucked up the courage to see what my weight was and got on the scales. I was shocked that I was over 12 stone which would be heavy for me in January.  I knew that I had to do something to take control before the weight gain of winter and Christmas took hold.

“I was feeling so much happier and healthier eating a balanced diet that I was determined to get to target. I found that going to group with a work friend and having such an inspiring consultant gave me the focus and determination I needed to get to target. I have started running and plan to continue once the nights get lighter. I love that I feel good in clothes again and don’t dread events where I have to dress nicely. I have far more energy and my moods are far more even.

“I was sluggish and really down when I was overweight. I sit all day as I work in a legal team. Now that I am focusing on health and balance I ensure I walk at lunch time. I am always looking for ways to increase my activity levels rather than crashing on the sofa whenever possible which is what I used to do before I started Slimming World.”

The women’s consultant Susan Mcgregor praised the pair for their efforts to lose weight and added: “Tracey has persevered even when she’s had weeks where the scales didn’t reflect her effort and she has reaped the rewards – she looks and feels amazing. Vanessa has worked really hard to reach her target weight. It has been a real joy to see her achieve so well and remain really positive – even on difficult weeks. I’m so pleased and proud of what she’s achieved.”

Pictured above are Vanessa Myatt and Tracey Morris who have lost a combed weight of over 8 stone.

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