Sadness at closure of popular fish and chip shop

Villagers have reacted with sadness to the closure of a popular fish and chip shop in Thurston.

A repossession notice has been posted on the Trawlers Catch Fish Bar, in Station Road near the rail station, and it is understood to have ceased trading because of outstanding debts and rising rents bills.

There has also been speculation that police had to be called to the shop when bailiffs arrived to change the locks on the doors.

Views about the closure have been aired on the social media website Nextdoor with Sarah Nunn, from Beyton, saying she had heard the rent had been increased “very steeply” to a level the shop couldn’t afford.

Anne Crowe, from Thurston, said: “I heard bailiffs in early last Sunday a lady was arrested and all goods being collected if payment not made.”

Sophie Seward, from Drinkstone, added: “So sad to hear this. I hope they manage to sort things.”

And Sarah Pilgrim, from Thurston, said: “This is such a shame. I hope they can resolve things.

Nicola Firth, from Thurston, said: “That’s not good we regularly enjoy a kebab or fish from there.”

Indy Bhart, from Beyton, said: “Such a shame. Nice team and great food. Hope they can sort things out.”

And Jenna Williams, from Elmswell, said: “I hope they can get it resolved as it’s a lovely place to grab some quick food and the staff have always been so nice.”

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