Spectacle of Light provides a magic and wonder of light and sound

The magic and wonder of the Spectacle of Light continues for another 10 days from this coming Friday, February 14.

Last weekend’s storm failed to damage any of the illuminating structures at the site at Haughley Park and organisers are hoping thousands will turn up to see the amazing display which consists of thousands of lights.

It’s trees, park land and walks are festooned with a magnificent array of sparkling sculptures, an amazing kaleidoscope of coloured parasols, meteors, lanterns and so much more.

It first opened up last Friday, February 7, and ran the following day but was closed on the Sunday because of the high winds and the effects of Storm Ciara.

The fantastic light and sound show is mind blowing with the park lit up in the hours of darkness from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

There’s nine miles of cabling and over 1,000 lighting fixtures with 4,500 LED lights alone on one of the displays … a mound named “Flow” which changes colour and design and is based on the elements of wind, fire and water.

And with Valentine’s Day approaching there the rosy glow of getting a photo with your loved one at the heart-shaped display half way round the tour and will give couples and families something memorable to celebrate this romantic time of year.

Nic Beeby, the producer and designer of the Spectacle of Light, said: “We had to close the show on Sunday as there was no way it would have been safe to have people walking round the site.

“But the reaction has been really wonderful and really positive. People who have come to Haughley Park for other events just thought that it was a gorgeous location and it is a wonderful place to have this. The trees become unbelievably sculptural and I try to think of it as an art gallery and we provide different sound in the areas so the experience is different.”

Mr Beeby said the key to the display is in the detailed planning which his team took six months to complete and setting it up within eight days with a team of eight people.

And people driving along the A14 prior to its opening saw the lights in the sky and made for the park. However, they were only able to see the display from the car park.

He added: “Haughley Park has these lovely glass sculptures and are permanent fixtures and we found that they lit better if you light them horizontally. We made several detailed visits to the park and night after night it just gets better. We have 95% of LED lights which uses very little power.

“And we are hoping to come back next year and do something different.”

People who take part in the trail, which takes about an hour to complete, will also be able to help raise money for the My WiSH Charity, which supports the work of the West Suffolk Hospital.

Those walking the specially designed route round the park are invited to make a donation and then a wish with their contributions buying a ribbon to tie on a Wishing Tree to help raise money for the charity’s Butterfly Appeal which aims to create an indoor space inside a garden for end-of-life patients at the hospital in Bury St Edmunds.

My WiSH appeal manager, Sally Daniels, said: “The Wishing Tree is such a lovely way to raise money for our charity. I can’t wait to see it full of ribbons of gold, purple and white – it is going to look stunning.”

Advance tickets, which save 15%, are priced at £15 adults and £7.50 children (under 3s free). Family tickets (two adults, two children) cost £39. Full price tickets are also available on the gate. There is also free parking. If you use Google Maps, use postcode IP14 3JU to bring you to the correct road then look out for the entrance to Haughley Park.

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