Fitness sessions boost for the paediatric diabetes team

A day of fitness routines has helped to boost the funds of the paediatric diabetes team at the West Suffolk Hospital.

It involved an array of sessions from street dancing to Zumba and body combat to spinning, held at the Thetford Leisure Centre and organised by fitness instructor Pippa Munro.

Up to 400 people took part in the day who paid between £4 and £15 for the various exercise sessions and in total over £5,400 was raised from the day with £1,544.50 being donated to My WiSH Charity and the rest to The Brain Tumour Charity.

The money will be used by the paediatric diabetes team to help fund trips and outings for their young patients. They do things such as taking them paintballing or organise retreats where the patients can meet other young people with diabetes and learn how to care for themselves.

The event also featured a cake stall, kids street dance and a raffle, with a number of local businesses making gifts and donations, which helped to boost the funds with the money being handed over to the My WiSH Charity, which supports the hospital in Bury St Edmunds.

Pippa’s eldest daughter Daisy has type 1 diabetes and is treated at the hospital which influenced her desire to help the diabetes team, while her father David Monsey, who died last year from a brain tumour at the age of 72, spurred her on to raise money for the brain charity.

She said Daisy, who is eight-year’s-old and a pupil at Elveden Church of England Primary School, developed the complaint in 2015 and has been treated regularly at the hospital.

“We ran a charity event about two years ago which was a Spinathon and raised £1,800 and we thought that was good but the latest one was a big jump up. We promoted it via social media and we also had a few posters up which helped,” said the 45-year-old mother of two who has another daughter Poppy, six, who helps care for her sister.

Pippa, who lives in Santon Close, Thetford, paid thanks to all those who helped her with the event

Paula Olsen, paediatric diabetes nurse, said: “The trips and weekends are so important for ongoing education around diabetes. This money really does go back into West Suffolk Hospital to allow us to host these days so thank you Pippa”.

And Sally Daniels, My WiSH appeal manager, added: “We cannot thank Pippa enough for hosting this amazing fitness day. The amount raised was just incredible and will make such a difference to the young diabetic patients the team treat.”


Type 1 diabetes is an auto immune condition and, unlike type 2 diabetes, the pancreas stops producing insulin for some reason, unknown as yet to scientists.

The immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, called beta cells, which stop the pancreas from producing insulin causing blood levels to rise in the blood and stops the body functioning properly.

Blood glucose levels become too high and the body will try and remove glucose from the blood causing some or all of the following symptoms: (the 4 Ts) being extremely Thirsty, going to the Toilet more often, more Tired than normal, and losing weight (Thinning).

If you notice any of these symptoms please consult your GP.

Pictured above is Pippa Munro with her two daughters Poppy and Daisy along with diabetes nurses Paula Olsen and Julia Harding.

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