Defibrillator installed thanks to funds from parish council and local councillor

A community defibrillator has been installed in Icklingham thanks to a parish project backed by West Suffolk councillor Susan Glossop.

The defibrillator – the first in the village – has been installed in a refurbished telephone kiosk outside The Guinness Arms pub on the A1101.

Icklingham Parish Council led on the project, investing £700 towards the equipment, while councillor Glossop, who represents the village on West Suffolk Council, has given £800 from her locality budget to help complete the purchase.

Lord Iveagh of Elveden Farms is also supporting the initiative by extending the power supply from The Guinness Arms at no cost and incurring the ongoing power supply costs.

Chair of Icklingham Parish Council, Darren Baugh, said: “This important piece of equipment could help save lives. If someone goes into cardiac arrest, use of a defibrillator can really help their chances of survival during those crucial early minutes before paramedics arrive. This kit isn’t just for local residents. The Guinness Arms pub is a very popular destination for visitors while the main road is used by people travelling between Bury St Edmunds and Mildenhall – and this equipment may one day end up helping any one of them.”

Councillor Glossop said: “I’m delighted to support this community initiative which is bringing a refurbished telephone kiosk in the heart of the village, back into a vital new use.”

Amongst those trained to use the defibrillator are Ben Hyde, general manager of The Guinness Arms and assistant manager Matt O’Leary.

Mr Hyde said: “We see The Guinness Arms as being a central part of the local community, while we are also a destination for visitors. This equipment is there to help them in the event of a cardiac arrest and we are pleased to support this community initiative.”

Pictured above Susan Glossop holds the door open to the Icklingham community defibrillator with parish councillor Ronnie Halford, Tess Gray from The Guinness Arms, parish councillor Ray Moss and Caroline Shipp from The Guinness Arms.

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