Neighbourhood Development Plan adopted for Fressingfield

Fressingfield has become the eighth area in the Mid Suffolk district to see their Neighbourhood Development Plan adopted.

In an “out of meeting” decision published on Friday, March 27, Mid Suffolk District Council resolved to adopt the Fressingfield Neighbourhood Development Plan, which will be used to help influence future planning applications.

This comes after a referendum was held in the parish, on Thursday, March 12, where 87% of those who voted did so in favour of adopting the plan.

Unlike more traditional types of plans or statements produced by town or parish councils, a successful Neighbourhood Plan sets out a positive vision for how the area can develop in ways that meet identified local need.

The plans also have statutory weight and status, becoming part of the district’s development plan and used when determining planning applications in the relevant area.

David Burn, Mid Suffolk District Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning, said: “Building homes is a key government priority and having a Neighbourhood Plan allows parishes to shape how their areas grow and develop. It gives the community a say in where new houses should be built, what they should look like and which views and open spaces residents feel should be preserved, These aren’t the only benefits – once a plan has been successfully adopted the parish is then eligible for 25 per cent of CIL funds when houses are built in their area.

“I’m pleased to see Fressingfield successfully complete its plan – the commitment and energy involved in drawing up these plans cannot be underestimated and highlights how special these places are to their communities. I hope more areas come forward to reap the rewards of having a Neighbourhood Plan in place.”

There are 17 other communities in Mid Suffolk currently drawing up their own Neighbourhood Plans.

A full list of these and the other adopted Neighbourhood Plans can be found on the council’s website

Full details about the proposals can be found on the council’s website

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