Ban sky lanterns petition goes over the 9,000 mark

Support is growing to ban the use of sky lanterns following an online petition set up by a 10-year-old girl along with a number seen launched during the weekly applause for NHS workers.

And people in the Thurston, Elmswell and Norton areas of West Suffolk are also backing the campaign.

The petition, which now has over 9,300 names, was set up by Lexie Stephenson from Gloucestershire.

She said she started it because she loves nature and believes that the lanterns are a hazard to wildlife, farmyard animals and many other things like camping activities, outbuildings and sheds, thatched houses, hedges, fields and other flammable materials.

She said: “There is evidence online of the devastation caused in the West Midlands to a plastic recycling company which required 200+ firefighters and 39 fire engines to bring it under control.

“The lanterns, as beautiful as they are, float through the sky with no control where they may land. “They can set things on fire very easily and can cause really bad injuries to animals with the wire or bamboo frames getting tangled up.

“If we do nothing about these dangerous lanterns we will see a lot more harm come to animals and our countryside.”

West Suffolk residents have taken to the social media site Nextdoor to support the petition with Gill Griffith, from Thurston, saying that the lanterns cause “untold suffering” and fellow villager Valerie Redbart: adding “They can be so dangerous.”

Marilyn Eden said: “No NHS worker would thank you for doing this much harm to the environment.”

Rita Lenko, from Norton, said: “Donate the money to the NHS, much better use and no impact on the countryside and nature.”

And fellow villager Teresa Long added: “Donate to the NHS and save lives not endanger them.”

To add your name to the petition go to the website

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