Manufacturer supplies parts to Covid19 Nightingale Hospitals

A manufacturer in West Suffolk has been supplying parts for the new Nightingale Hospitals that have been built in response to the Covid19 crisis.

West Suffolk Council is highlighting the work of Mildenhall-based R D Castings Ltd which manufactures component parts for a number of other businesses that are a critical part of the NHS supply chain.

The company, based in Leyton Avenue, employs 48 staff and has maintained production during the past few weeks, despite some of its staff having to self-isolate.

Production director Anthony Pateman said: “It’s humbling to think that the components that we are making here in Mildenhall, are contributing to the fight against the coronavirus. In recent weeks we have supplied parts for lighting, emergency suction pumps and pumps used for beds, all of which are being used in the new Nightingale Hospitals that have been built in direct response to the coronavirus.

“Many of our customers are on the critical supply list as they supply equipment to the NHS and say that our work is vital to what they are doing. We also make parts for companies that are key to transport and refrigeration technologies, both of which are essential for the food and medicine supply chains. We are here to play our part by continuing production and we want to praise the wonderful NHS and care workers for all they are doing on the frontline.”

Leader of West Suffolk Council John Griffiths said: “We have been in touch with many companies including R D Castings to ensure that if they need any support to keep up their production, we are here to help. They, and other manufacturers locally, are playing such a valuable and important role in the supply of equipment to support our heroic NHS workers as they battle to save lives from coronavirus. Together, we will get through this.”

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