Call to keep abiding by coronavirus lockdown measures


Suffolk police are continuing to urge people to help the NHS in fight against coronavirus by staying at home and abiding by the government’s instructions.

The constabulary is very aware of the challenges these restrictions will bring for so many over a prolonged period and the sacrifices people are making.

Chief Constable Steve Jupp said: “Please be assured officers throughout the county will continue to maintain a proportionate and common sense approach in the way they police the restrictions. It is now more important than ever we remain resolute in our determination to support the NHS and emergency services by abiding by the government’s instructions.

“All of us are doing this to help protect our loved ones, our communities and the magnificent NHS workers who are putting themselves at risk to save lives. I would like to thank the vast majority of the public for staying home and remaining in the areas where they live.

“Suffolk Constabulary’s approach to the restrictions has remained consistent since their inception at the end of last month. We will engage, educate and encourage people to comply. We have always said we would only use enforcement if we were left with no other option.

“Sadly we have had to do so on a relatively small number of occasions. These have been when officers have had no choice, but to issue fixed penalty notices in line with the new legislation.

“Our priority is to protect the people of Suffolk. That includes those who may put themselves and others – including my officers – at risk by not taking notice of the government’s instructions.

“Once again, I thank the overwhelming majority of the public for their support and I’m proud of the way my officers are conducting themselves in such an unprecedented circumstances.

“Please continue to stay home and stay safe. I appreciate how difficult this is, but we must also do everything we can to protect the NHS.

“We are still here for you. We are still out in our communities, fighting crime, protecting victims and tackling anti-social behaviour.”

The Government has said people should only leave the house for one of the following four reasons:

Shopping for basic necessities, such as food or medicine and infrequent as possible

One for form of exercise a day, for example a walk, run, or cycle, alone of with members of your household

Any medical need, or to provide care or help to a vulnerable person

Travelling to and from work, but only where this absolutely cannot be done from home

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