What to do when the Covid-19 lockdown is relaxed

People have been coming up with a series of ideas to remain in place once the lockdown on Covid-19 is relaxed or withdrawn.

They range from renewed goodwill to a slower pace of life and having an annual two-week shutdown to a bank holiday Pandemic Day.

It has come after Graham Gregory, from Elmswell, posted a message on the social media site Nextdoor which asked: “What would you like to continue and/or change when we are out of lockdown? A public bank holiday, say Pandemic Day (albeit without the lockdown) to remember those who died, suffered and supported during the current crisis.”

Ruth Babington, from Stowlangtoft, said: “I hope the renewed goodwill towards each other remains.”

And Patricia Alderton, from Thurston, added: “I hope the slower pace of life remains.”

Rachel Newport, from Tostock, called for a two-week lockdown every year, saying: “It’s so nice and peaceful and calm everywhere and most people have been so much more politer than usual.”

Alan Thompson, from Elmswell, said: “I think we should keep this going until we get the all clear then on that date every year we respect that date to remember everyone: those who lost a life and those who helped.”

Margaret Hegan, also from Elmswell, said: “After this crisis has passed remember how people looked out for each other and carry on in the same way.”

And Sheila Monk, from Thurston, added: “I was doing an ‘over the fence’ chat with my neighbour. We were out there for about 30mns during which a number of people with their dogs and without, in pairs or singularly, all said hello and waved. It would be great for this neighbourly ‘love’ to continue.”

So what do you think?

Let us know by emailing us your ideas at news@suffolkvillage.info

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