Pleas for gardeners to protect wildlife and their habitat

A plea has been made to gardeners to be careful and protective of wildlife as the current good weather brings people outdoors to carry out a series of work.

Given that the current sunny weather is likely to persist until the early part of next week there is set to be many people finding jobs in the garden which has prompted Eamonn Harvey, from Rushbrooke with Rougham, to launch an appeal saying: “Gardeners be careful.

I know how easy it is, given the current situation and the good weather this week, to find jobs to do in the garden which are not really necessary. Please spare a thought for the birds and their homes if thinking about hedge cutting or trimming.”

His comments were posted on the social media site Nextdoor which prompted a flurry of similar remarks.

Doug Levey, from Thurston, said: “Most sparrows, robins and probably more smaller birds congregate in hedges. I have spent years as a neat hedge clipper but now defer to my wife’s ornithological expertise. Give it another month and clip away with less fear of birdtricide.”

And Peter Harris, also from Thurston, added: “I have nesting blackbirds and a robin in my conifer hedge. Birds have less and less nesting places with all the destruction due to building work and they need as much help as they can get. Don’t trim now as it’s the worst time.”

Taz Clarke, from Fornham St Martin, asked to be on the lookout for hedgehogs saying: “There are also untold hedgehogs being really badly injured by strimmers. Sadly there was one that had its leg amputated and one with massive gash in head, neither survived. Please, if doing gardening watch out for wildlife as it’s their homes you are destroying.”

And Jackie Eldridge, from Beyton, added: “Please don’t cut hedges or dense trees in the nesting season and don’t use strimmers around the edges of grass, where you can’t see the  wildlife that may be there. So sad to see animals being hurt when it can easily be avoided.”

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