Sponsored Speed Kick Challenge raises money for the Rainbow Ward

Children at a Suffolk primary school have helped to raise £261.50 for the Rainbow Ward at the West Suffolk Hospital, in Bury St Edmunds.

The youngsters, all pupils at St Christopher’s Primary School, in Red Lodge, took part in a sponsored Speed Kick Challenge, which was run in partnership with Premier Education Group.

Every child in the school, in Bellflower Crescent, from reception to Year 6, participated where they kicked a football into a large inflatable target which recorded the speed of their shot with the boy and girl in each class with the hardest kick winning a trophy.

The children were encouraged to collect sponsorship for the challenge to help raise the money and were rewarded with water bottles, bags and footballs for their efforts. All children also received a certificate.

The child that raised the most money through the sponsorship was awarded a football kit of their choice and as part of the challenge Premier Education also donated 10% of the money raised to the charity of the school’s choice.

The school matched that amount and chose to donate the total amount of £261 to the My WiSH Charity, which supports the work of the hospital, with the money directed towards the Rainbow Ward as the unit has helped so many of the families associated to the school.

Head teacher Caroline James, said: “It was a fun day that was so well organised by Premier. I feel very privileged to be able to donate an amount of the money raised to such a worthwhile and local cause. Thank you Rainbow Ward for all that your staff do for our children who have to visit you.”

And Gareth Simpson, from Premier Education, a franchise dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of children through active learning through sports, arts and wellbeing courses with activities ranging from gymnastics and football to musical theatre and orienteering, added: “It’s always nice to have the chance to interact with every child in the school and get them active using a piece of equipment they rarely get to use. The children were great and cheered their class mates on, whilst the support of the parents was first class – managing to raise all that money for the school and the Rainbow Ward.”

Sally Daniels, appeal manager for My WiSH, said it was a pleasure to attend the school to accept their donation.

“We love working with schools, encouraging children to think of others is so important and that’s just what St Christopher’s and Premier Education have managed to do while having lots of fun,” she added.

Pictured above are pupils at St Christopher’s Primary School, in Red Lodge, back in early March, with their cheque for the My WiSH Charity, along with head teacher Caroline James (left), Sally Daniels, the charity’s appeal manager, and Gareth Simpson, from Premier Education.

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