Calls for more bins for dog poo bags

Filled poo bags for dogs have been left discarded along footpaths and in hedges and bushes prompting calls for more bins to be set up for dog walkers to use.

Most pet owners clear up after their animals have left their deposits but some have been known to leave the mess while others pick it up but just throw the bags away.

Doreen Walker, who lives in Rougham, initially highlighted concerns on the social media site Nextdoor.

She said: “I have noticed poo bags have appeared in a couple of places which is good but there a too few bins. If there were more bins available it would stop some people throwing the full bags into the hedges or leaving them on the footpaths. Also some people are not picking up after their dogs as they don’t want to carry the bags to the next bin.”

Fellow villager Rosie Howard said a bin had been recently emptied at Newthorpe but there was dog mess on the footpath and she nearly stood in another pile as she walked to her car.

Meanwhile, Lee Martin, from Bradfield St George, said: “Unfortunately there are far too many people that are too lazy and selfish and do not pick up after their dogs, we see it every day around Bradfield St George.

“We have a dog and always pick up on our walks. Some of the pathways are like mine fields of poo and some we will not walk down because they are quite frankly like dog toilets … but, we also have zero dog bins in the village, something that needs to be addressed at some point.”

And Adrian White, from Rushbrooke with Rougham, added: “I would suggest people take the poo bags home and put it in their black bins, quite simple really. We noticed that some are decorated on hedges.”

Richard Tingey, from Great Barton, said: “There is nothing worse in my book than putting the dog poo in a bag and either decorating the nearest branch or leaving it for someone else to pick up.”

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