Details of garden waste collection days to be released

Customers of the West Suffolk Garden Waste Collection Service will be receiving details of their collection days this week, and those wishing to subscribe can do so from Tuesday, May 26.

The service is being reinstated in a more robust way so it can cope with any future reduction in staff as well as making rounds efficient to manage the extra growth in the area. This includes reducing impact on the environment by reducing mileage and fuel use where possible while protecting the safety of residents and staff.

As a result, the council is contacting customers with details of any changes there may be to their collection day and/or week. Emails are being sent to those who have supplied an address and a letter is being posted to the remainder. Customers can also check their collection day at

Customers wishing to sign up for the service can do so from Tuesday, May 26, at

The subscription of a bin a year runs until May 31, 2021, which can be paid for safely and securely by direct debit.

The service was paused due to a sudden reduction in staff following the Stay At Home guidance which saw more than 40 waste and street services staff either having to shield themselves as vulnerable or someone in their home.

This remains the case with more than 60 staff redeployed to help the most vulnerable in our communities get support, medicine and food as well as help businesses.

To ensure that customers will not be out of pocket, with the period of the suspension being added to the current subscription year. This means that their subscriptions will run until May 31, 2021.

The high volume of garden waste awaiting collection has been anticipated by the service, but customers are asked to help by making sure their bins are not overfilled. This means making sure the lid can close and that it is not too heavy. Side waste cannot be taken and customers are requested to keep additional waste for subsequent collections.

John Griffiths, leader of West Suffolk Council, said: “Once again, my sincere thanks to our garden waste collection customers for their patience and understanding, and to those who have expressed appreciation of the essential services we have continued to deliver. While we are still having to manage the effect of the pandemic with significantly reduced staff levels, I am pleased to say that we are reintroducing the service in a robust way that makes rounds more efficient to cope with the extra growth, reduces impact on the environment by reducing fuel and mileage where possible; and protects the safety of residents and staff.”

The West Suffolk Garden Collection Waste Service collects around 12,000 tonnes of garden waste a year, which is composted and returned to the land as soil improver.

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