The next generation join the fight against littering

A family litter picking scheme run by Sudbury Town Council’s community wardens, supported by Babergh District Council, is set to ensure Sudbury remains one of Suffolk’s cleanest towns.

The Volunteer Litter Picking Scheme, which was re-launched by the Community Wardens during lockdown in April 2020, has seen more than 50 local families sign up to borrow litter picking kit provided by Babergh District Council.

Now, even more families are being encouraged to take part in the scheme supported by Waitrose Sudbury, with the wardens having recently gained additional financial support from the town council for 200 litter pickers.

Young volunteers from across Sudbury have already collected more than 200 bags to be sent to Suffolk’s energy from waste facility, ensuring Sudbury’s streets remain clean while also helping to power more than 30,000 homes.

Youngsters Grace, Archie, Dexter, Violet and many more have already been recognised on the wardens’ social media for their role in keeping Sudbury clean, tidy and safe, helping to reduce the risk from contaminated litter during Covid-19.

However, both councils want to ensure all the volunteers are recognised as part of Babergh’s local #CommunityChampion and the #SuffolkSaysThanks campaigns, as even the smallest acts of kindness and steps towards becoming more environmentally conscious make a huge difference.

Bradley Smith, who heads up Sudbury Town Council’s community wardens, said: “It’s been fantastic to see such a good take up and enthusiasm from Sudbury’s younger residents, supported by their parents, and we want even more families and children to get involved. No matter where we live, we can all appreciate a clean street, park or open space. Taking part isn’t just about litter picking, if you’re taking your litter home with you when the bins are full you’re already making a big difference in keeping our community clean!”

Elisabeth Malvisi, Babergh District Council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “It’s great to see our youngest residents and the next generation taking a stand against littering in our districts – they are doing a wonderful job, while also being able to enjoy the health benefits of walking out on their picks. I cannot stress enough, how each and every one of us must play their part in tackling these sorts of issues if the Suffolk-wide ambitions of being the greenest county and becoming carbon neutral by 2030 are to be achieved.

“Making sure our district remains a place we’re proud to call home, but also a destination for tourists to visit is so important – and the families taking part are doing a wonderful thing for their community.”

Anyone in Sudbury looking to get involved can contact the community wardens on Twitter at @communitywarden, Facebook at @communitywardens, or by emailing

For anyone in Babergh outside Sudbury looking to start litter picking can head to the district council’s website at

The scheme supports steps already taken by the two councils to tackle litter in Babergh, having both pledged their support for the recently re-launched Radio Suffolk led anti-littering campaign “Don’t Be A Tosser”.

Babergh District Council also works as part of the Suffolk Waste Partnership which aims to help prevent fly tipping through the county-wide S.C.R.A.P campaign.

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