Teenager loses her long lock and raises funds for the Butterfly Appeal

Jasmine Ackland has lost her long locks.

But it’s all been worth it. For not only has 14ins of her hair gone to a good cause it has also helped to raise money for a charity which she is keen to support.

The 14-year-old, who lives in Thetford, now has a new look which has already confused many of her school friends at the Mildenhall College Academy, some who have struggled to recognise her.

For along with the enforced absence from the college due to Covid-19 and her short hair style she has taken on a totally new look.

Jasmine decided to lose her beautiful blonde locks and donate them to the Little Princess Trust which makes wigs for children with hair loss.

So she had it cut at the Creative Hair Salon, in Thetford, and at the same time has raised £357.50 thanks to the support of family and friends and teachers at the academy. The money has been directed to the Butterfly Appeal which is run by the My WiSH charity which supports the work of the West Suffolk Hospital, in Bury St Edmunds.

The appeal is aimed at raising £340,000 to build a special garden area for end-of-life patients at the hospital, in Hardwick Lane. The Butterfly Garden will be in a private area away from the wards so patients can spend some of their final days or hours with their loved ones including children and pets.

Her mother Rachael, who is head of science at the college her daughter attends, said that it was difficult for her to have her hair cut as she has a “tic” but her hairdresser Stephanie Fenton was “very patient and understanding.”

Jasmine has mental health problems and has been treated at the hospital for her complaint which helped her also decide on raising money for the My WiSH Charity.

Rachael said: “She did not want to do it for a big national charity but a local one. She has had her hair long all her life but she likes her short hair now. It was a shock when she went back to school earlier this month as people could not recognise her as they had not seen her for six months. It was a major change for her and some people thought that she was transitioning into a boy.”

Jasmine also feels that cutting her hair has given her a fresh start.

Sally Daniels, fundraising manager for My WiSH, said: “Jasmine looks great with her new cut. It’s fantastic to hear that her fundraising has not only benefited families across West Suffolk but has also been a real boost to her own self esteem.”

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