Roads fully re-opened following installation of much-criticised fibre network

Two days of work near a busy roundabout in Bury St Edmunds which led to four-way traffic lights being installed and anger from motorists being held up and delayed has been completed.

Workmen are currently installing mobile phone technology across the town and there has been complaints about the state of some of the grass verges and roads left in disrepair.

Now questions have been asked about the planning and implementation of the work.

It comes after the work at the roundabout in Mount Road and Orttewell Road and came just a few weeks after there was three-way traffic lights when nearby Appledown Drive was dug up.

Question were raised via the social network site Nextdoor with Brett Colyer saying he had emailed City Fibre to find out when they were planning on digging up his road.

He said: “I still haven’t received a reply. It’s no wonder people are fed up with City Fibre … poor planning, poor workmanship, poor customer service, poor straight lines, poor colour matching on pavements, and poor communication. I look forward to seeing the back of City Fibre in Bury.

“There has been more complaints about City Fibre than any other company I know recently ranging from blocking in driveways to leaving litter, to bad workmanship etc to such an extent I believe the council have stepped in to reiterate the standards expected and local MPs have got involved. I like the area I live in and don’t enjoy other people making a mess of it.”

Neil Dickinson complained saying the work “seems to be piecemeal.”

John Parsons added: “Winsford Road has been dug up twice and now they have discovered that part of the route has to be changed so they await a new survey and licence and we wait for them to dig up outside our front door for the third time.”

Frank Warby said: “There seems  no logic to the way the council have allowed these companies to carry on the way they are, madness.”

But Judith Lochner, who lives on the Hardwick Estate, came to the team’s defence saying: “Up here around Home Farm Farm Lane I can only applaud the City Fibre team for the way they have worked hard, tidily and safely and accommodated the local traffic (plus all the hospital parkers). A challenging job, but a pleasant, polite team of workers.”

And John Parsons agreed. He said: “The guys who do the work are excellent. The organisation is appalling. Time wasted most days waiting for something outside their control to happen. No wonder it is taking so long. The whole of Bury to be covered yet and then Norwich, Lord help them.”

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